When nature conquers weapons: From killing machines to warm homes (PHOTO)

Even when people are irreponsible and disrespectful in contact with nature, she's capable to make something positive of human errors, and these weapons she 'conquered' are the real proof


There is almost no part of the planet where we’re not able to see the consequences of the war and human destroying, but if there’s anything that always makes ingenious solutions, it’s definitely the nature.

The nature hides successfully the scars of the wars with her creativity, transforming what earlier served for killing to warm home, as you can see in the (main) photo.

We present you 8 historic weapons conquered by nature.

1. Bulbul Gun, Afghanistan

Profimedia: Afghanistan, Pol-e Charkhi, White-eared Bulbul peeks out side of muzzle brake of abandoned Soviet-era artillery piece in which bird built nest

The Bulbul bird have found her seat on the pipe of the gun that Soviets left in Afghanistan during their retreat. This Middle-Eastern and Asian species is quite adoptive, which can be seen there as it made a nest taming once-deadly weapon.

2. World War II Sussex Flowerpot, UK

Profimedia: World War II, WW 2, tank, abandoned on South Downs, West Sussex

This WWII tank is located in West Sussex, Great Britain. Once used as a target during artillery exercises, it’s now completely covered with vegetation that found a way through every single hole.

3. Underwater American Tank, Red Sea, Jordan

Profimedia: Underwater American Tank, Red Sea, Jordan

The American M42 Duster tank with 40-mm anti-aircraft gun is now located on the bottom of the Red Sea near Jordan. Once powerful weapon has become a coral ridge and habitat for various fishes that find a safe place escaping of dangerous predators inside of it.

4. Amphibious Tin Jungle, US

Profimedia: US Amphibious Landing Tank Relic Peleliu Republic of Palau

The US amphibia, once serving for landing, lies now in the jungles of Palu, where it serves to nature as a gardener. Rust, that can be found on on its surface doesn’t bother the plants as they are growing and breeding swimmingly in this strange habitat.

5. World War II Fahrenberger Meschersmith, Germany

Profimedia: World War II Fahrenberger Meschersmith, Germany

The Mediterranean has always been full of various old war and civil shipwrecks, while since 20th century, the Mediterranean Sea has started to charge with fallen planes, too. This wreck of German WWll Meschersmith, fallen above the sea near French coast, is often visited by divers. Once being a German Luftwaffe’s trademark, it’s now permeated to algaes, which used hard surface to hang themself to it.

Painting on death: Syrian painter turns weapon into artworks (PHOTO)

6. Pilot on the Bottom of the Ocean, Hawaii

Profimedia: Hawaii, Oahu, Male diver exploring World War II Corsair fighter plane wreck

Near the Hawaiian beach, on the bottom of the sea lies WWII war plane. Except for fishes and sea vegetation, the plane served also for the fun to this brave diver, who didn’t hesitate to get into the reamins of the cockpit and spend a few minutes imagining he’s in the sky, not under the sea.

7. Sherman on the Beach, Saipan

Profimedia: Rusted Army Tank in a Lagoon on Saipan

This M4 sherman once was a ‘fear and tremble’, however, his last mission was on the not so thanful place – the beach today covered by the sea. So, his wreck peaks now above the water surface when it’s reflux time, attracting the attention of the tourists and passers-by.

8. Almighty Cactus, Russia

Profimedia: Cactus plants growing in an abandoned Russian tank in the Tank Cemetary Asmara Eritrea

Abandoned Russian tank in Eritrea is completely conquered by cacti, that turned him into the some kind of a flowerpot. One more proof of the nature’s ingenuity, as well as her artistic talent.

9. Mangroves on the Steam Collier, Australia

Profimedia: Mangrove trees grow on the wreck of the steam collier in Australia

Mangrove trees growing on the shipwreck of the steam collier SS Ayrfield at Homebush bay, Sydney, Australia. It was used to carry supplies to Pacific allies.

10. Diver in Depths of the Sea, Croatia

Profimedia: Wreck of airplane B24, Vis Island, Croatia

An unknown diver seems to be fascinated with a wreck of airplane B24, located at the bottom of the Adriatic Sea near Vis Island in Croatia and covered with coral ridge.

Ghosts and draft town: This would be like if people dissappeared from the planet (PHOTO)


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