Eating in hospitals, toilets or jails: These are the world’s most bizarre restaurants (PHOTO)

Some restaurant owners went really far away using their creativity to introduce some really weird kinds of diners


Themed restaurants have become increasingly popular since a while ago, so you can now take your lunch inside of cave or in planetarium, for example.

But some owners went much further using their creativity to introduce some really weird kinds of restaurants.

Have you ever been able to imagine taking a dinner in hospital-themed diners? Or in toilets? Or jails (intentionally, of course)?

We present you 6 of the world’s strangest restaurant types.

1. Hospitalis, Latvia


Discerning diners are queuing up to get an authentic taste of hospital food fed to them by sexy nurses using surgical instruments. Several hospitals and a museum donated real medical equipment to the eatery which tops off the men u with what look like stomach churning leftovers from the operating room. Other specialties are garnished with what look like body parts such as ears and tongues.

Cocktails are served in laboratory beakers with glass tubes instead of straws to draw on. The restaurant itself is decorated like a sterile operating theatre with white tiles on the walls, stainless steel furniture and industrial looking spotlights. But the venue, called Hospitalis, in the Latvian capital of Riga, is a huge hit with people booking weeks in advance to get their place to see nurse and be treated.

2. Cabbages & Condoms, Thailand


The idea behind the restaurant is to promote and to create awareness of all kind of birth control devices, especially condoms.

3. Jamban Cafe, Indonesia


Jamban Cafe is a small eatery where a handful of diners sit on upright toilets around a table where food is served in two squat toilets. The toilet-themed cafe where customers dine on meatballs floating in soup-filled latrines may not be everyone’s idea of haute cuisine, but Indonesians are flocking to become privy to the latest lavatorial trend.

Restaurants like this are spread all around the world, there is also one in Moscow, for instance. The toilet-themed restaurant serves food in lavatory shaped bowls and features seats made from toilet bowls.

There are examples in Taiwan, China, Los Angeles, South Korea, the Philippines, too.

4. Eating Behind Bars: Jail Themed Restaurant in Weifang, China

Profimedia/Zuma Press – News

Many customers are attracted by the jail themed items at the restaurant including handcuffs and prisoner’s garb. The owner of the restaurant says that he opens the restaurant to tell people to cherish freedom and prevent crime.

5. The Jekyll & Hyde Restaurant & Bar, New York

Profimedia/Face To Face A

Jekyll and Hyde is a haunted restaurant and bar for eccentric explorers and mad scientists where guests can eat and drink among the unusual and the bizarre. Jekyll and Hyde provides continuous live entertainment and spooky special effects.

Wacky club members and domestic staff such as Professor Shroud or Dreadworthy the Butler mingle with guests while the spirits bring to life the unusual artifacts collected from around the globe.

6. Masoch Cafe, Ukraine


The Masoch is one of the concept restaurants that have become so popular in Luviv, Ukraine. This time, it’s the intimate atmosphere of the infamous Leopold von Sacher-masoch. On the walls, guests can read quotations from the writer and enjoy paintings on the same theme – everything related to the masochism that bears his name.

The Masoch cafe offers ‘perverse style’ cuisine and stimulating cocktails. You can find the cafe easily: a statue of Leopold Masoch stands outside the door – the only one in the whole world.

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