A store with no inventory: US company opens concept shop in Los Angeles

Nordstrom form says clients can likewise purchase online inside the shop or get online requests that day

Reuters/Rick Wilking/File Photo

Nordstrom is opening up a store that doesn’t have any stock. The extravagance retail chain says its Nordstrom Local idea shop will open in Los Angeles one month from now.

The Seattle-based firm says the store will be staffed with individual beauticians who can arrange stock for clients.

Nordstrom says clients can likewise purchase online inside the shop or get online requests that day. The store will offer fitting and nail trim administrations.

AP/Jae C. Hong/File Photo: Nordstrom sign is seen at a shopping mall in Brea, California

The shop is only 279 square meters. That looks at to the normal 13,006-square-meter size of a full Nordstrom shop.

Nordstrom senior vice president Shea Jensen says the shop will allow the company to offer its ‘best services in a convenient location’, AP states.

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